The World’s Best Oil Paints

What it takes for Old Holland to be considered the best oil paint available.

Credit: Old Holland

What is Old Holland?

Old Holland is the oldest paint manufacturer in the world by a couple of hundred years. They’ve been around since the 1600s, founded by the guild of oil painters in The Hague, Netherlands.

Johannes Vermeer used Old Holland paints to paint “Girl with a pearl earring” in 1665.

Who has used Old Holland Paint?

When you going to a museum you likely don’t think about the paint itself. But when you stand in front of any of the Dutch masters, Vermeer and Rembrandt for example, you are looking at Old Holland paint. When you stand in front of a Cezanne — you are looking at Old Holland paint.

Painting by Odd Nerdrum, part of the “After the Flood” series.

Why Invest in Old Holland?

Using low-grade paint, with less pigment and more oil, or low-quality brushes will affect your paintings, even if your approach to painting is flawless. You begin to make adjustments for the poor performance of your artist materials.

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