3 Important Oil Painting Mediums For Artists

Cups of linseed oil and alkyd lined up at the Hillsborough Art Academy. Credit: Evolve Artist
A display of how painters used to mix their own pigments with linseed oil. Credit: Old Holland Museum

Do I Actually Need an Oil Painting Medium?

An oil painting medium can thin down opaque paint or increase the fluidity of glaze.

It’s All About Intention

An oil painting medium was used to speed drying and increase opacity in this painting.

Alkyd Medium

Alkyd and linseed oil were used for this oil painting to speed up drying times. Credit: Evolve Artist

Alkyd Used As An Isolating Layer

Linseed Oil as an Oil Painting Medium

A paint palette can be preserved for many days with clove oil. Credit: Dan Cook

Clove Oil as an Oil Painting Medium

Clove oil can extend the life of your oil paint. Photo by Natural Pigments




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