Is Art School Worth the Cost?

Is art school the right choice for you? Read on to find out! Credit: Muhammad Raufan Yusup
This painting by Evolve Student Janette M. shows how proper technical training can transform a student’s work. Credit: Jan M.

Fading Tradition in Art Schools

In order to understand if art school is worth the cost, you must understand how an art education should ideally function.

Historically, art education was taught similar to other crafts in an atelier. Credit: Frederic Ballon
An Evolve student works on a block 2 painting, carefully following the program and feedback from his technically trained instructors. Credit: Evolve Artist

The Cost of the Wrong Teacher

When considering art school, you must factor in who will be teaching you and responsible for your education. The possibility that you may graduate without the necessary skills to produce professional-level art is quite high. And often this results from students being educated by artists who do not have technical skills to share with their students.

A proper education will not only teach you the necessary skills but also include how to choose materials and help you work with the very best of brushes and paint.

The Cost of Learning from your Peers

While attending art school you will undoubtedly receive input from other students both inside and outside of critiques with instructors. It is common practice to have students critique their peer's work alongside instructors.

And mastering technical skills, which is vital to success as an artist, has nothing to do with opinion.

Yet sadly this is what most schools have become. Technical education has become diluted and replaced with personal preference and opinion. Students crave technical excellence and need teachers who can move them down the road to create professional art.

Studios and ateliers that teach technical foundations may be a better investment of both time and money compared to an art school.

Opinions Do Not Make Good Teachers

Very few art programs and universities know how to make you a better, technically skilled artist. Most of these programs fall flat because all the teachers simply supply their own opinions and biases. And that’s not an education.

Evolve student Sanna K. shows how technical training, even when keeping things simple, can create beautiful works of art.

Choosing the Right Place to Learn

So what can be done in order to get an education that will help you to form your career? Is art school ever worth the cost?

Evolve was created for serious students to study without the financial constraints and opinionated education of a traditional art school.


When artists first get into their careers or educations, it can be difficult to find resources to figure things out. And the cost of education can be unbearable.



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